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I'm not sure why, but my dreams both of these nights involved Ghostbusters. I think I need help.

I went to see a play that was "edgy." When we got there, the guy was naked on stage. I wasn't too keen on it, so I went back to the dorm room. On the way, I met up with two dudes from high school (one of whom's name escapes me, but the other was definitely Burks McCollough or whatever his name was), who both thought I was "much prettier than I was before." They walked me back to the dorm/condo and wanted to come inside, but I locked them out of the glass doors because I didn't care for them.

A few minutes passed, and neither left, so I felt badly and let them in. Just then, Dr. Venkman and Ray from Ghostbusters showed up (and it was as though they were from Damned, and Ray was more of a patient character). Harold Ramis also stopped by, and we played a game of trivia together until my roommate returned to tell me about the play. Apparently, there had been some menstrual blood and other stuff that wasn't particularly my bag going on right at the beginning, so it's a good thing I went home.

Another dream with Ghostbusters. This time, Brian and I were in a movie rental store looking in the horror section, and on the shelf was a movie where there was a Ghostbusters/Rayman crossover. Yes, the video game character Rayman. It had that live-action/animated thing going like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, except that it came with "fully encompassing" 3-D glasses. It started with this furry chick looking for her invisible dragon husband in a museum. She found him because she was "good like that," and he offered to help her on her "vision quest thing."

The entire dream was ultimately weird, but it had the entire cast of Ghostbusters actually in it, so surely it was good, right? Riiiight?
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