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Grimme ([personal profile] kwithay) wrote2010-10-28 03:18 am

[dreams] June 6th & 18th

Promise I'm not dead, journal pals- just very busy with work and life in general. Until I have something I can update about, I'll work on that backlog of dreams.

♥ ♣ ♦ ♠

I was pulled into another world somewhere, where pencils held magical powers. Ruled by a cruel wizard (who was definitely the one from A Link to the Past), the people lived in fear. When I was pulled there, I had a pencil with me, and the wizard got a hold of it somehow and used its power to take even more control- he did things like drew spells and literally erased people by swinging it in the air, as if it was Looney Tunes or something.

Eventually, someone else was pulled there and they had a pencil as well- they dueled the wizard and ultimately lost, so I took their pencil and continued the fight, eventually winning it. People wanted to celebrate and honor me, but I disliked the attention and went and hid in a big building. This one storeroom on a door on the right side of a hallway had a little light and a small window in it- no one ever looked for me there, so that's where I took refuge.

♥ ♣ ♦ ♠

My parents and I were at this Pokemon event that took place in an amphitheater in a cave. Along with Pokemon cards, they were handing out some cards and memorabilia related to this Guybrush Threepwood board game (my favorite card was some sort of werewolf, but I lost him just before trading with a couple had had been collecting them as well). The game had dice, cards, and tokens. The aforementioned couple had a lot of the pieces, but hadn't many of the ones Dad had found for me. As I prepared to leave, the woman (who looked like Elaine Marley) slipped me some fish (real fish, not some game token) in a folded piece of paper (like a hot dog), passing me the note discreetly. I put them into my wooden chest, which came with the game.

I headed back toward my parents, but the event started. These archaeologists needed people to "head into the sea" (there was a pond or valley of water or something just outside the amphitheater cave) to raise the water level so they could get rare Pokemon. Yes, they wanted us to drown ourselves to raise the water level. I walked outside, then heard Dad's voice... which, in real life, was waking me up to him calling my name.