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This one doesn't make much sense (and neither does my half-asleep typing), and is kind of graphic toward the beginning.

I was going through this walk-through scary ride of some sort- it was like a haunted forest walk around Halloween, but had parts with men capturing women and taking them over an ocean filled with emaciated horses whose intestines were falling out and spooky geese and spiky plants and a bunch of other stuff. I was wandering through the ride when I wasn't supposed to, having left Amber, Sarah, Emily, and Nathan in a motel room.

I eventually started exploring the background areas of the ride, carrying some sort of metal tank (like one for oxygen, I think), which was pulled toward the doors as if it was magnetized. I wasn't the only one- I met this couple and one other girl while wandering the ride. It turned out the walk was randomized: there were parts you rode on it, and each time you went through the circular track, it took you to new places. Somewhere along the way, it became apparent something about the ride was sinister (more sinister than the aforementioned horse intestines and creepy geese), so I tried to leave through the back lot corridors (they were these giant, multi-story, industrial buildings with metal staircases and ladders on the outside and such), only to find the men from the aforementioned part where they kidnap the women had captured my friends.

I went berserk on them with my weapon (the tank), leading them into traps set by the ride and literally just beating them to a pulp. We found a chest full of things like an electric iron, that facial cleaning machine that Faye in Cowboy Bebop thinks is a hot water pot, and some sort of handle with a small clamp on the end that rotated- like Clamp's clamps from Futurama, but black. I wasn't fast or assertive enough to take the first two, despite having saved my friends, so I let the others have them and took the black clampy thing. I wasn't sure how I was going to use it, but I wasn't going to be taken or let them take my friends again.
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