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I'll start with some dreams I've found interesting from when I started my log. I'm going to go ahead and warn you that most of the dreams aren't going to make a bit of sense.

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I was discussing with my friends a horror/romance film featuring this strange, futuristic robot that could turn into water. During the film, after brutally murdering several crew members of this expedition/digging/tourist group, the robot starts following this one guy, stalking him. She walked along with me (I was literally walking through the film at first), looking to the side and reading the script with me as we followed him. I read the narration. She turned from her water form into a young girl in an angel outfit (just a short, pale dress and halo), then into Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, then into something original that still kind of looked like Sally.

As she got closer to her prey and readied for the kill, some sort of static electricity sparked and shorted her fuses, and she fell in love with him instead. He noticed her tailing him, turned, and remarked that she looked like "that girl from The Nightmare Before Christmas" (and probably apologized). Then there was some tangent where they heard a child crying in the distance from a porch that looked like mine, and Cobra Queen from Freakazoid showed up. They went to investigate on my front porch, but couldn't see through the darkness.

The child ended up being having fallen in some deep water near the secret entrance to this underwater city. To get there, one had to lie as flat as he/she could atop this train that crossed on stone bridges built on high pillars and go through a tunnel- only one could fit. The used-to-be killer robot dove into the water and turned into a turtle and rescued the child, but she couldn't make it out of the flooded chamber for some reason and started sinking. The guy she loved showed up with two of his friends (a man and a woman, both sort of rough in personality; they all rode in atop the train, which stopped at this closed, earthen doorway that presumably led to the city) and witnessed his beloved sinking.

Recognizing her, he dove into the water, and though tempted by jewels that were littered around underwater (and looked suspiciously like something out of Spyro the dragon), he emptied his pockets and took her back to the top. The other two wanted the jewels (they were treasure hunters of some sort), but realized the man would be left behind as the train started to move backward through the tunnel. The guy made it back to the surface just in time, but knew he couldn't make it through the tunnel with the robot girl/turtle, and so he stayed behind. After the train went through the tunnel, another doorway shut, sealing him in.

Then there was this bizarre party as the train came back after some time, and a cabinet opened and gave all four people some gold gems.


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