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Hey folks! I'm trying something new, so prepare yourselves for...
Icon Commissions!
What You Get:

What You Pay:

Icons are $7 a pop, or get a set of three for $18! Payments are accepted through Paypal or Dreamwidth Points.
What Can You Do?

OCs both human and not, obscure characters, book characters, that sort of thing! I looooove drawing monsters and non-humans, especially. The only thing I'm not super comfortable drawing is smutty stuff. Sorry about that!

And if you're drawing a blank on what expressions you'd like, here's one of those handy expression charts so you can cheat a little. ;>
How to Order:

Either leave a comment below, PM this journal, or send me an e-mail at grimmhooke [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks a bunch for looking! ♥

And in case my style doesn't catch your fancy, here's a list of other fantastic icon artists. Please check them out!
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This one doesn't make much sense (and neither does my half-asleep typing), and is kind of graphic toward the beginning.

A Scary Ride )
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Promise I'm not dead, journal pals- just very busy with work and life in general. Until I have something I can update about, I'll work on that backlog of dreams.

♥ ♣ ♦ ♠
June 6th: Pencil Wizardry )

♥ ♣ ♦ ♠
June 18th: Monkey Island & Trading Cards )
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I'll start with some dreams I've found interesting from when I started my log. I'm going to go ahead and warn you that most of the dreams aren't going to make a bit of sense.

♥ ♣ ♦ ♠

I was discussing with my friends a horror/romance film featuring this strange, futuristic robot that could turn into water. During the film, after brutally murdering several crew members of this expedition/digging/tourist group, the robot starts following this one guy, stalking him. She walked along with me (I was literally walking through the film at first), looking to the side and reading the script with me as we followed him. I read the narration. She turned from her water form into a young girl in an angel outfit (just a short, pale dress and halo), then into Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, then into something original that still kind of looked like Sally.
Shapeshifting Fembot & A Hidden City )
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So, Dreamwidth- I've had you for a while now, but never found a use for you. Hopefully, this will change soon.

I've always had vivid dreams, and while I'm usually able to remember most of them, I've always wondered about those that have slipped through the cracks. For the past couple of months, I've kept a file on my desktop that acts as my "dream log." Whenever I have a particularly vivid dream, I hop onto my computer just after waking and type it up.

I'm not a lucid dreamer like my dad- while dream!me is often aware of being in a dream, there's nothing I can do to awaken myself mid-dream, or to control myself or the direction of the dream. I've always wished I had some control over my dreams as they tend to go in one of two extremes: bizarre or nightmare fuel. I do my best to forget the latter, as most of my dreams are along those lines- it's likely I won't be recording many of the latter here.

It occurred to me in the shower this evening (where I do all my best thinking) that I could use my Dreamwidth as an external dream log. Nice and appropriate. ♥


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